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The criminal of the justice system, and his accomplice’s.

July 10, 2012

Eric Holder is an embarrassment to all American’s. This piece of shit thinks he’s above the law, and his shit don’t stink. Well I got news for Mr. Piece of Shit, he does stink. His whole cabal of criminal degenerates stink. “The USDOJ will not be filing a criminal complaint against Holder”. Well, of course not, why would they uphold the law, fucking bunch of criminal losers. Then asshat Obamabinladen tries to cover for his buddies crimes by issuing an “executive privilege” bull shit statement. Fuck him, this just means obama is involved in gun running to the drug cartels as much as Holder. Obamabinladen commits at least one felony a day, he’s a fraud, a forger, a pathological liar, an identity thief, and has three alias’s, what an honorable piece of shit. Once an elected official lies to me, that’s it, he’s a fucking liar from then on. Maybe I’m alone on that one, but, that’s on me. I don’t feel that a pathological liar is quite the right pick to lead a nation, in fact, he belongs in jail, not the oval office, what a joke. How fucking pathetic America has become, a toilet bowl of corruption and racketeering, a disgusting third world cesspool. Fuck America. The government, not the country, it sickens me to see the blatant disregard of our constitution. And the ease in which our inalienable rights are stripped away. At no time in history has there been a bigger threat to liberty and freedom, than now. Our government has become more deadly , harmful, and destructive, than any terrorist organization. Instead of moving ahead, we’re going backwards at warp speed. We have the Chicago Mafia in the white house, and nobodies doing a god damn thing about it. Fuck America.


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