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The criminal of the justice system, and his accomplice’s.

Eric Holder is an embarrassment to all American’s. This piece of shit thinks he’s above the law, and his shit don’t stink. Well I got news for Mr. Piece of Shit, he does stink. His whole cabal of criminal degenerates stink. “The USDOJ will not be filing a criminal complaint against Holder”. Well, of course not, why would they uphold the law, fucking bunch of criminal losers. Then asshat Obamabinladen tries to cover for his buddies crimes by issuing an “executive privilege” bull shit statement. Fuck him, this just means obama is involved in gun running to the drug cartels as much as Holder. Obamabinladen commits at least one felony a day, he’s a fraud, a forger, a pathological liar, an identity thief, and has three alias’s, what an honorable piece of shit. Once an elected official lies to me, that’s it, he’s a fucking liar from then on. Maybe I’m alone on that one, but, that’s on me. I don’t feel that a pathological liar is quite the right pick to lead a nation, in fact, he belongs in jail, not the oval office, what a joke. How fucking pathetic America has become, a toilet bowl of corruption and racketeering, a disgusting third world cesspool. Fuck America. The government, not the country, it sickens me to see the blatant disregard of our constitution. And the ease in which our inalienable rights are stripped away. At no time in history has there been a bigger threat to liberty and freedom, than now. Our government has become more deadly , harmful, and destructive, than any terrorist organization. Instead of moving ahead, we’re going backwards at warp speed. We have the Chicago Mafia in the white house, and nobodies doing a god damn thing about it. Fuck America.


In America the wind doesn’t blow…….it sucks.

Be forewarned, this blog can get nasty, as in, viscous, venomous, and vile. When it comes to the US government, I pull no punches. This is an ongoing project, as long as we have friggin idiots running this country into the ground, I’ll be ranting and raving, and carrying on, and going off, and venting all my pent-up disdain for the retched, putrid, dysfunctional, retarded, criminal enterprise we call government, although a piss-poor example of a government, that’s what it’s called.

Obama, or whatever his real name is, is the most tragic event to happen to this nation. A one man wrecking machine, a criminal, the likes of which haven’t been seen before. A “constitutional scholar”, MY ASS. This guy knows less about the Constitution than my ass. He and the wicked bitch of the east, were both disbarred for unknown reasons, the ol’ man is a Chicago thug who’s “movin on up to the east side”, and brought Chicago politics to Washington DC (district of criminals). What a POS. And Holder, where the f*ck did he come from? The USDOJ is the most corrupt cesspool of criminality imaginable. “Fast and furious”, no, gun running. “A dumb mistake”, NO, a serious crime. Like, identity theft, or fraud, or even forgery. Oh, wait, that’s his boss. The biggest national security emergency this country’s ever seen, and, no law enforcement agency will touch it. Congress, holy shit what a bucket of retards. Maybe to them the oath of office is meaningless, but to me, it means everything. It shows integrity, or lack of, honesty, or not, respect, not only to themselves, but this nation. And, the LIES from this administration, the constant, continuing, blatant lies, are staggering. My god, nothing from that mans mouth even resembles the truth. Why do we feel the need to pay someone to lie their ass’s off to us? And why so much? Hell I’ll lie to you for a lot less. As many lies as you want, about anything you want, for a small fee, I’ll even lie to the person of your choice.

The NDAA, Who came up with this horrendous joke? In essence, a declaration of war on the American people. And the world for that matter. Obama is trippin on some heavy hallucinogens thinking this abortion would fly. When the rest of the world wakes up and realizes that Obama has given himself the power to go into any country, hunt down suspected “terrorists” and blow the snot of four city blocks with high tech, heat seeking, laser gilded, auto-ranging, night vision, infra red, depleted uranium, retina scanning, urine testing, hellfire missiles, launched from a drone piloted from forty thousand miles away by some kid that couldn’t land a McDonalds job.